What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (seo)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 Search engine optimization is nothing but optimizing your website using seo techniques to help you rank your website on first page of search engine results. Seo helps your website to draw free  organic traffic hence it is considered as  an important aspect in digital marketing.  For successfully ranking your website on first page we need to use some tools which will help us  to make a seo strategy for our website.

      There are two aspects in Search Engine Optimization.

       1) On- Page Optimization.

       2) Off- page Optimization.

 What Is On- Page Optimization?

On-page Optimization refers to the changes made on actual website to make it more          optimized which consists of  Meta tag , Meta Description , Heading Tag,Original Content targeting Keyword  

1) Meta Tag

 Meta Tags are one of the important aspect in on-page seo as meta tags help search engines  with information of your page A proper Meta Tag will help you draw large amount of organic traffic on your website  

     2) Meta Description

       Meta Descriptions are insights for visitors they help user to understand what information will they find on your page where visitor will decide by comparing with what he is searching for to visit your website or not. Hence a well written Meta Description Will Definitely help you get relevant traffic.

 3) Title Tag 

 Title Tag is the subject or topic of your content on your website or blog, title tag helps visitor to understand what is the blog or content all about 

    <title> What is Search Engine Optimization </title>

Above Mentioned Text is an example of title tag

 4) Heading Tags

 When we write a blog or a content for a website heading tags are what helps search engine to identify the structure of the content. Heading tags start from <h1> being the important one till <h6> Using these heading tags in different areas of content will have a positive impact on seo of the  page and is recommended, Where Keyword Should be mentioned in <h1> tag 

 5) Original Content Targeting Keyword    

 Keyword Research helps you identify what are the keywords which are searched by audiences which are relevant to your website or blogs niche for eg you have a website related to  photography. you can use these keyword to optimize your page and writing original content using these keyword

UberSuggest is one of the free tools which help you in keyword research of your website.


    What is Off -Page Optimization?

        Off-Page Optimization refers to changes made to optimize your website which are not on actual website. Off-page seo consists of back links , social media , social bookmarks

 1) Building Back-links

 Back links are the links from other websites which leads to your website high quality

  back links can help your website rank faster and get authority.

 we can create backlinks using various techniques backlinks are divided in two types

 “follow’ and “no-follow” where follow links are counted as for trust and no-follow links 

tells search engine to not consider this link as trust worthy. 

              Tips for building backlinks   

              Blog posting on Directories.

              Commenting on Forums with your website url

              Sharing on Content directories 

 2)  Social Media 

Social media is one of the way to get back links all of these links are no follow link but social media is still considered as an important factor due to number of traffic it can divert on your website. 

 3) Social Bookmarks

    social bookmarks means by selecting a particular niche promoting your content on 

  websites like scoop.it, reddit.com etc to draw traffic on your website


What is SEO?

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