Digital Marketing interview questions?

  1. What attracted you to the Digital Marketing industry?
    With the help of this question, the interviewer actually needs to find out about your commitment to this industry and furthermore, what factors in you, make you unique and
    the best choice of a lot of candidates who are on the run.
    Stay honest with your response to this very question. Most importantly, here you have to state the reason you applied for this job. Is it the esteem of this industry that pulled you in? Or on the other hand, is it the high remuneration of the Digital Marketing
    Therefore, it becomes necessary that you portray your enthusiasm and complete
    commitment towards this industry.
  2. Explain the term Digital Marketing
    Digital Marketing a broad term is regarded as brand marketing strategies through the various online channels. It incorporates different methods and techniques such as SEO,
    SEM, Email marketing, Link building, PPC and so on.
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  3. List out some of the top Digital Marketing tools
    Following are some of the top Digital Marketing tools:+
     Moz
     Keyword Discovery
     RankWatch
     Google Analytics
     StumbleUpon
  4. What do you mean by a responsive website?
    A site that is equipped for altering its layout as per the orientation and viewport size of the gadget. The content that is exhibited on the little screens and large screens seem same, however, with an alternate layout that offers an optimum ordeal over the display size.
  5. Can you describe the biggest challenge you faced till date, in your
    Digital Marketing career?
    Here is a tricky one as they need to know how you manage the challenges. Prior to
    answering, think precisely and it is alright to answer which brought about a failure in the
    the event that you have learned from it and how you could effectively execute later.
Digital Marketing interview questions?

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